Establishment year

Achieva Technology (Thailand) Company Limited was established in 1997 by Mr. Jirasak Prempojwattana, with an initial capital of 1 million baht. Initially, the company specialized in distributing mobile phone products and radio communications (Walky-Talky). Additionally, it operated as a manufacturer of mobile phone batteries.



Distributor of TREK

In 2000, the company was designated as the authorized distributor for the world’s pioneering flash drive brand, “TREK.”


Diversify business operations into the IT sector

In 2007, the company experienced an upsurge in the IT product sector, prompting an expansion into further IT markets. It commenced selling a range of products including motherboards and graphics cards from renowned brands like Gigabyte, Sparkle, HIS, Sapphire, MSI, Palit, and Biostar.



Introduce new products and raise capital to 108 million baht

In 2009, the company diversified its product offerings to include items from other categories such as printers, LCD & LED monitors, desktops & notebooks, as well as supplies and accessories, continuing to distribute them to this day. Additionally, its registered capital increased to 108 million baht.


Achieve sales totaling 1.3 billion baht

In 2011, the company achieved a 30% increase in sales compared to 2010, reaching a total sales value of 1.3 billion baht, with sales continuing to rise steadily thereafter.



Boost sales by 5 billion baht

In 2017, sales exceeded 5 billion baht, with over 600 distributors nationwide. Presently, Achieva Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. stands as a prime example of rapid success, attributed to its products, services, and distribution channels. The company is confident in expanding its market share and fostering trust among its trading partners.